It’s About Time

It’s about time all right. There is simply not enough of it. While, clearly, some people have way too much of it I myself could use an extra helping. Maybe I should use the hours between midnight and morning which I typically fritter away in an often futile attempt to rest up for what remains of my daily allotment. But that’s really borrowed time and there is usually interest to pay.

I try not to think about that time between midnight and midlife because that bottle has definitely been lost at sea. Sometimes I find myself biding my time which is completely frustrating what with all I want to do with it although God knows anything is better than wasting it.  

Often I have a little time in between one activity or another but, like real estate, it is all about location. Thirty minutes seems like a good chunk but not if it is twenty minutes there and back from a place I need to be in order to utilize that time to it’s fullest.

What kids hear:  Maybe next time.  We don’t have enough time. You need to learn to manage your time. Do you realize what time it is? What have you been doing all this time!?

Ironically, after my kids have gone off to live their grown up lives I’ll have nothing but time. Probably be complaining about having too much time on my hands. I’ll reminisce with my friends about times past and how time flies and where ever did the time go? Because there will be time for that later.


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