Flash Back Friday: All The Things I Always Wanted To Tell You All Summer, But Didn’t. How Seashell Became Mermaid

I will swear to my children and my husband that I can indeed remember things:  conversations, locations of objects, whose day it is to unload the dishwasher…

Lately, I have to admit, I have been drawing pure blanks.  Take Mombshells for example:  we all came up with shell names to protect our secret identities (yeah, right, I know you all know who I am, so much for super secret identities).  There was Bangshell, Blondeshell and myself, Seashell.

Off we went into the blogging world and somehow I began to write and sign all of my posts Mermaid.

One night, lying in bed, it occurred to me that I was NOT in fact Mermaid, I was Seashell.  What had I done?  How had I made such a blunder?   What was wrong with me that I didn’t remember that until months and many posts later?

The more I tried to go back to being Seashell, the more I just couldn’t.  Mermaid, no matter how stupid it sounds, stuck with me.  It kind of represents the conflicted life I lead…not  quite fitting in, but not quite ostracized.  More on that later.


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