I Want My Mommy

I am all grown up now. Finally. I have two children of my own. But once in a while… I want my Mommy. 

When I was a kid and I got sick my mom was there for me. That was one of the areas where she shined in my starry eyes. She brought me canned pears and HI C. ( HI C was a juice like, sugar filled drink popular in the olden days…did I mention I spent my early years in the midwest? ) It sounds pretty disgusting now, and nothing I would ever feed to my own children, but was just perfect at the time. To this day I can feel her cool, soothing hand on my forehead as she looked at me with care and concern. I always felt better.

Fast forward to my life now. I got sick this week. Don’t even know what I had. I felt like Superman wearing a Kryptonite necklace. I was on the inside looking out and everything was oddly distorted.

The day I was “hit”, and only after I kept appointments, picked up kids, delivered kids, etc., I laid my head down and could not pick it back up. Not even for Back to School Night.

My husband came home, took one look at me and ran to my side saying “Where does it hurt? What can I get for you? Can I rub your feet? Get you tea? Do not worry about a thing. I will take care of everything while until you feel better.”

If any of you believe that than you must either be single, without kids or married to the one I missed. No, that was Fantasy Husband speaking. While Real Husband did make me soup I Had to Ask and it was clearly done with annoyance.  As was the putting to bed of the kids. Worst of all, I had to listen to Real Husbands mini tirade about how my sickness screws with his life. I never know whether to laugh or cry but always apologize for my inconvenient illness. I am after all the one having all the fun.

My husband has many attributes but when I am sick I have a hard time remembering them. I can be unable to move, severely dehydrated and consider myself lucky to get a cup of tea. For which I always have to ask.

When my kids are sick they want me and only me. I understand completely. No one can take the place of Mommy.


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