The Canadian Chronicles: Summer Diary of a 12 Year Old…Dogs, Limos and Long Lines at Customs

My son said it would be o-k to share a bit of his summer journal with the world.

The first entry:

Today was a flying day.  First thing that morning, we got up and got our bags ready.  Luckily, Dad hadn’t booked a car beforehand and so he had to rent a LIMO! (yay!)  So we drove to the airport with our dog and got on our first plane.

After putting our bags on the plane, the flight was about 1 1/2 hours long to Vancouver (Canada) and after going through customs, which took like forever, we went to get lunch and dinner for the plane.  

We went through security and got on the plane for four more hours and I watched 2 movies and played Game Boy the entire time.  

At the end of the flight, my sister had drawn a picture of the plane, so she and Dad went to show the attendants of the the flight.  Apparently the attendants liked it so much that they showed it to the pilots. Then the pilots invited my sisters into the cockpit at the end of the flight and they got to turn off the engines.  

We got in late and tonight we get to stay at a hotel.


Well, mainly when I was reading this I was thinking that we are a long way from Laura Ingall’s Little House on the Prairie tales.


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