Monthly Archives: September 2008

It’s About Time

It’s about time all right. There is simply not enough of it. While, clearly, some people have way too much of it I myself could use an extra helping. Maybe I should use the hours between midnight and morning which I typically fritter away in an often futile attempt to rest up for what remains […]


Old Country Language Can’t Kill The Romance: Travels in Germany

After traveling for a short, fantastic week with my husband, I have had enough fleisch.  Yes, everywhere we went in Germany, fleisch was the center of attention on the dinner plate.  Usually it was bright pink pork (a portion big enough to feed my family of 5) surrounded by minimal colorless potatoes, dumplings, sauerkraut and […]

Apfel Wine, Romantic Rain and Fleisch in Frankfurt

Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in Germany this week. My rusty German has pretty much rusted and disappeared from my brain. English works just fine here luckily enough. As we learned when trying to use a computer kiosk to buy train tickets, when all else fails, take a cab. That is one of the best […]

The Canadian Cottage Chronicles, Part 1: Mermaid Goes Fishing

Once a year we leave our civilized home and head for the boonies of Northern Ontario, Canada.  Our lakeside cottage is named the Cambrian Cabin, but has been called the Big Red Barn by young Margaret Wise Brown fans, and houses our boat Old Smokey.  We go days without showers, weeks without pedicures and a […]