Pregnant Duck? Not Quite.

There is no place like the Humane Society on a Saturday morning during kitten season.  Kids are crying, parents are yelling at each other and at their kids, people are jockeying for position on the pets in cages, and there is a very long wait if you are interested in adopting a new family member.

Sara joined our family on Saturday.  K3 looked into the cages and pointed at a little fuzzy, furry critter with a black nose and said, “That one, mommy.”   It was a kitten and not a pregnant duck, thankfully

The adoption specialist said, “That’s a little girl, and you probably should get a boy. Here take this one.”  She handed us a grey tabby male kitten.

We played with the grey tabby for half an hour.  K3 said she’d still like to visit with the black-nosed kitten. The specialist came back into the room and asked if we wanted to take the tabby.  My hungry husband, already spent on patience, was trying to move the process along.  K3 said o-k and shrugged her shoulders.

Kitten, mom, dad and girls approached the adoption desk.  They scanned his little head and said, “Oh, my! This one is already adopted.”  I could tell she felt badly, and she asked us about our second choice.  K3 was sticking with her first pick–the black-nosed kitten.

Our specialist quickly plucked that kitten out of the cage.  She was so much gentler than the first one.  K3 was all starry-eyed with love and off we went into the midday sun with our new, sweet Sara.


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