Mombshells, 4 Girls, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Target Audience Bullseye

The girls were on a one way path to see the new Disney movie, Beverly HIlls Chihuahua this weekend. Selfishly, I was rolling my eyes and trying to figure out how to make this a better Saturday experience for myself.  We gathered some friends and headed into the crowds.

The movie was saccharin sweet and looked pretty bleak for the first 10 minutes.  Dogs played out a story line that I’m pretty sure I’ve read in a Harlequin Romance novel thirty years ago.  However, the girls loved it.  We scampered into a classic good guys/dogs versus bad guys/dogs flick.

Our ten year old viewers sighed over the romance and adventure and we all laughed at the ridiculous outfits.  There were a few, well-written humorous lines and all in all, not bad for a movie full of Chihuahuas in sunglasses and booties having parties, playdates and spa treatments.

The computer graphics were actually pretty amazing.  The animals indeed looked like they were talking–a far cry from Mister Ed.  Some of the scenes were even nail biting with either very talented stunt-chihuahuas or excellent technology.

My six year old didn’t find it scary, although there were some young children obviously upset by the scary dog scenes.  Remember, she was the one that enjoyed Iron Man.

As my friend said, “What can you expect from a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua?”  Indeed, if you set your sights low, I think you are already miles ahead of the pack.  You can always snooze, do e-mail on your blackberry or wait for the few amusing doggie bones that this movie throws your way.


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