Canadian Chronicles: And Yet, It Doesn’t Suck

When you watch someone take their very first bite of a s’more as their face is dimly lit by flickering bonfire–it doesn’t suck.  The cooking and prepping and bedmaking and tidying and seems to fade into the distance when there are happy faces around the bustling dinner table.

When the moon hangs low in the sky, candles are flickering on the dock, stars are shooting overhead and the milky way is sparkly and distant, yet close.  Friends and family sit back in the muskoka chairs and sigh, and it sure doesn’t suck.  Pass the wine.

For all the work and exhaustion, there is reward.  So, no matter how many guests we get the pleasure of hosting in a summer, we just keep inviting them back to share in good times together.  No woman is an island, or a lake, or a cottage.

Gotta run, K3 just told me she re-arranged her bedroom.  Get ready…


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