Happy Halloween to the Embellishers

I wanted to wish an especially Happy Halloween to the Embellishers out there.  Who says that cars, vans and trucks can’t dress up on Halloween, too?

The first class Embellishers are people that:

  • Close that cut off arm in the back of their car in the spirit of Halloween.
  • Tape a flower to their antenna.
  • Get vanity plates for their mini van that says “I CAVED!”
  • Paint their old volvo station wagon in black and white cow print.
  • Drive around with Marge Simpson hair.
  • Put a paper pumpkin cutout over their mercedes emblem on the hood of their car.
  • Have bloody handprint clings oozing down the sides of their windows.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for willing to be a little silly to make the world a happier place with a little smile.  Bravo!


P.S. She comes up with these all on her own.


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