Monthly Archives: October 2008

Unattended 6 Year Old: Tape Plus Bright Pink Paper Equals Craft?

Downstairs I’m cooking dinner.  Upstairs, K3 is single-handedly taking out a whole forest of trees and a roll of tape.  Crafting or making a huge mess?  You decide. Advertisements

Wordless Wednesday: The Designer of Crowns

Craft time at our house is always fun and interesting.  I still like queen of the chinchillas, though!

Funny Things Kids Say: Vampires, Halloween Stores and the Birds and the Bees

We visited our local Halloween speciality store.  These are the stores that spring up like zombies rising from the grave every October.  They are always in a different location and always chock full of Halloween items you simply must have. 6 year old K3 and I toured the store, stopping at every single display that […]

Mombshells, 4 Girls, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Target Audience Bullseye

The girls were on a one way path to see the new Disney movie, Beverly HIlls Chihuahua this weekend. Selfishly, I was rolling my eyes and trying to figure out how to make this a better Saturday experience for myself.  We gathered some friends and headed into the crowds. The movie was saccharin sweet and […]

Pregnant Duck? Not Quite.

There is no place like the Humane Society on a Saturday morning during kitten season.  Kids are crying, parents are yelling at each other and at their kids, people are jockeying for position on the pets in cages, and there is a very long wait if you are interested in adopting a new family member. […]