Oh My Obama !

I am still in a state of near disbelief. It really happened. Not only the lefty liberals like myself but a resounding majority of Americans decided it was time to make a change. This means that upper middle class white people as well as, dare I say it, Republicans, must have joined in to vote for a black man with a Muslim sounding name! Seriously, I am so proud of this country for going beyond ignorant fears and allowing a man with obvious intellect and dedication to stand up and represent us.

Clearly this will be the most difficult job on the planet. I give credit to anyone willing to take on the task in the first place, let alone fight day and night for the right to it. Giving credit where credit is due I applaud Senator McCain for his genuinely gracious concession speech. I was truly moved by it. “The American people have spoken and they have spoken clearly” he said. ( Not a direct quote ). I believe he loves this country and respects the will of the majority.

I heard Al Gore speak tonight at the Web 2.0 Summit in S.F. and his continuing alarm and awareness for our planet’s climate crisis make me that much more thankful that we have ushered in a new administration. This may give our civilization a fighting chance.     ( No pressure there Mr. President Elect Obama ). Oh the places we can go…Yes We Can! 

I have to share a beautiful turn of phrase I heard today…it’s not mine but it deserves to be heard:

Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk so that Obama could run.

Now that is a profound sentiment which will no doubt be tomorrows bumper sticker.

Sorry if I diverge from the usual lighthearted Mom fare but I have been so overwhelmed by my relief and gratitude this week that I had to let it out a little. Good luck Mr. Obama, and to all of us in this country and across the planet. I’m a mom who wants her kids and her kids kids to nurture this world as well as enjoy it. I’m feeling a little more hope.


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