Let Them Eat Birthday Cake: Mom Around the Clock

I tried to add baking a birthday cake for Birk’s 7th birthday to my nightly routine of extra curricular activities, dinner, homework and bed.  How hard could it be to whip out a cake?  I’ve baked cakes before, right?

Of course, Birk wanted a cake like sister Ruth got on her 10th birthday.  We celebrated at our favorite lake restaurant and Betty, the owner, put in all kinds of special prizes.  Bite into the cake and you just might find a hair clip, Christmas ornament, or money.

In my kitchen, in my pajamas and creative lightbulb growing dim over my head, I decided I would use three pans to make the layers.  Why try to cut those layers in half?  I can make three layers all at once, no dental floss involved.

There’s a reason the Martha Stewart’s of the world know best.  If you have three wonky layers, the third layer slides off the frosting like a mudslide in a torrential downpour.  I watched in slide in slow motion and separate into 6 pieces sliding over the edge, but couldn’t do a thing to save it.  

That, my dear Birk is why you only have two small layers on your cake.  

Stumped on little trinkets, I went for the sure fire allure of money.  I wrapped those dead presidents in foil and slapped the chocolate frosting on thick.  I will call that my crumb layer…as you can still see where the chocolate cake and frosting erosion occurred.  

Who doesn’t like a chocolate cake?  It even has a little story to tell.  It doesn’t look good, but it tastes mighty fine…I should know.  I had to get rid of some evidence!


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