Monthly Archives: December 2008

Gingerbread Houses and Pre-teen Architecture

The witch that lives in this Gingerbread House must live in California.  

Twas Four Days Before Christmas…

Twas four days before Christmas and all through the house, Not a faucet was dripping–FIX THE WATER my spouse! The towels were all hung in the bathroom with care In hopes that I could shower and condition my hair When under the house there arose such a clatter, I sprang to the boathouse to see […]

Mini Van Hypocrisy

There are many people out there that will never own  a mini van. These people would never even be caught dead in a mini van. This is based upon many matters of personal pride and principles.         However, there are cheaters out there who will, on occasion, rent a mini van. They praise its ease of […]

15 Minutes in Barney’s Shoes Department

Doesn’t take long to wreak havoc in Barney’s when there are tons of adorable booties on sale!

My Sister’s Heater

My relationship with my sister, in one story: My cell phone rang as I was getting ready to drive into the city for a quick Christmas errand. I needed to buy my first daughter a holiday dress. I knew it would make her happy if she got a special something, and I wanted to take […]

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

We’re at nine days and counting. The play is thankfully over ( my daughter rocked her itty bitty parts ), had tea with Teddy and Binky the Elf, got the tree ( it’s 1/2 way lit ), been back to the surf shop twice ( still not quite finished there ), sent the husband off […]

My Kind of Holiday: Maybe it’s time to take down the Halloween decor come hell or high ladder?

ALMOST WORDLESS WEDNESDAY? We are officially in the fast lane to Christmas, yet, in my home, if you look up at the ceiling in my bathroom, you will see a giant, orange, mylar pumpkin balloon.  It refuses to give up the ghost, as they say.

Peter and the Wolf

My third child and I were invited to attend the YouthConcert in San Francisco at the BIG FORMAL Davies Symphony Hall with a new Kindergarten mom friend and her daughter. I was so excited to go. I wanted to spend some wonderful holiday quality time with the little one. We rarely get to do anything […]

My 12 Days of Christmas

Where to begin?! I want so desperately to bake holiday cookies ( lots of really Christmassy ones with cool shapes and colorful sprinkles ). I want to sit in front of the tree with my kids and play games while drinking hot chocolate ( mine suffused with a little brandy or peppermint schnapps). I want […]

Mermaid’s Parenting Philosophy

Parenthood is when all the things you think will never happen to you happen to you.