The ‘Santa’ Claws Are Out! Target, Recession and Holiday Cheer

I dropped the kids off, got a fully caffeinated non-fat latte, and hit the red Target bullseye before 9 am.  

It wasn’t pretty folks.  You could feel the holiday angst.  Traditionally, the crab factor increases exponentially with each day the Advent Calendar chocolates disappear.  There were no smiling, carol-humming shoppers to be found.

The caged-animal claws were sprung and teeth were bared.  No one pulled any items out of my clutches–but then no one held the door for me either.  We all shopped adroitly in the florescent glow of the timeless Target lights.

No smiles as our carts passed like ships in the Target sea in the nighttime of our economy.  

I filled my cart all up, in hopes that I won’t have to be going back.  If this is the climate now, I shudder to think about what’s to come.


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