My 12 Days of Christmas

Where to begin?! I want so desperately to bake holiday cookies ( lots of really Christmassy ones with cool shapes and colorful sprinkles ). I want to sit in front of the tree with my kids and play games while drinking hot chocolate ( mine suffused with a little brandy or peppermint schnapps). I want to welcome family and friends to a crackling fire with treats and gifts and music floating through the air. I want Santa and Rudolph and all the magic that this holiday offers.

It is now twelve days until Christmas and I don’t have a tree or a cookie, much less a partridge in a pear tree. I had the best of intentions. I have even done 95% of my shopping ( been to Costco,Target, Nordstrom,the Apple store, book store, surf shop and Cost Plus ) including the gifts for teachers and my husbands clients. However, no matter how much I swore to myself Not to work on the school play’s costumes, I have spent nearly all of my precious pre-holiday non stress time doing just that. I couldn’t help myself and there is no one to blame but me.  The last performance is tonight so then I pull on my big girl panties and hit the tree lot running. 

I love decorating my house. Unfortunately, this involves packing away the many lovely objects d’art that fill my mantle, tables, and other usable spaces; a process I detest. Not unlike moving, need I say more? We ( really it’s “I” because my husband vehemently wants nothing to do with these shenanigans and only begrudgingly helps with the heavy lifting ) have many bins of Xmas lights, ornaments, stockings and assorted decor. My kids are still not a lot of help as much as they appreciate the end result. Although my son is finally of an age to help with the lights and if I could let go of my scary need for them to be Just So it could do a lot to relieve my stress level.

With lights on, the tree decorating is a definite highlight. Who doesn’t love reminiscing over each special ornament, then finding its Oh So Perfect placement on the tree?    (Right, that last bit would pretty much be just me and Martha). Taken one moment at a time I love all of it, except for when my youngest tries to help with the most fragile and sentimental pieces. ( Remember to breathe ).

So, before I bake, I need to decorate the house. Before that I need to find the tree, get it home and light it. Also, I need to make room for the Xmas stuff  which involves finishing my paperwork (don’t ask) and reorganizing my studio (really don’t ask) and of course getting together the client and teacher gifts. Christmas cards are So not happening this year and the Guilt over that one is kind of getting to me.

There are 4 1/2 days of school left and one Teddy Bear Tea (which deserves a blog of it’s own). I need to fit in a birthday party, visits to the dentist for the kids and spin class for me. Tonight I will dress worms, hooligans, sailors and punk rockers to name a few. Feeling more and more like Scarlett O’Hara every day. Cookies and trees…I’ll think about those tomorrow.


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