Peter and the Wolf

My third child and I were invited to attend the YouthConcert in San Francisco at the BIG FORMAL Davies Symphony Hall with a new Kindergarten mom friend and her daughter. I was so excited to go. I wanted to spend some wonderful holiday quality time with the little one. We rarely get to do anything alone together – let alone with her and her circle of friends.

Well, unfortunately, I was more excited than she was. We arrived – just in time to sit in the fantastic second row seats that my friend nabbed for us. And my little one decided that she didn’t want to be there and made it very clear to everyone around us that she didn’t want to be there. WHAT TO DO!?

No. Really. Moms out there! What do you do when your children embarrass you at the symphony/movie/office/parking lot? This is not an infant where there is an excuse for the temper tantrum. This is a five year old acting like a two year old! In front of many people who spent an abundance of time and effort (and money) to attend this event!

Well, I sat down and plunked her right into my lap. Ignored the fact that she was shooting daggers at everyone around us and thanked the Lord that she was not being loud about it. It took magnificent amounts of great effort, but I pretended that my child was not being the most narcissistic imp in the entire auditorium. I clapped and sang my way through the entire first part of the program. And, do you know, the little thing actually started to smile and then clap by the end of the recital! I could have killed her.

But we had a really great time.

Thanks, Catherine!

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