The Most Coveted Seat in the House: The Canadian Chronicles, Winter Edition


I knew that I was a big fan of indoor plumbing, but after 2 weeks with spotty access to the stuff, I know now  that it’s one of my favorite forms of creature comforts.  My numero uno kind of indoor plumbing hands down would have to be the toilet.  Take away the running water in the sink and tub, just leave me the throne.

I don’t care if it has a plastic, wooden or vinyl seat.  It can be dual flush or single flush–I am even able to sing the praises of letting it mellow if it’s yellow and flushing it down if it’s brown.  I am happy to put all of the toilet paper in the trash bin provided next to the worshipped throne.  All of this in favor of not freezing my, excuse me, ass off.

A trip to the bathroom shouldn’t involve snow boots, parkas, scarves, hats, mitts and lanterns (electric or candle).  I can tell you when frost crystals have formed on the old outhouse toilet seat and you consider a tea lite a heating device, then you can say you’ve known the true winter Canadian experience.

In the last two weeks our little outhouse has seen more action than a porta potty at a rock concert. Don’t get me wrong, I was darn glad that we had an alternative like an outhouse.  It does beat a bucket or a hole in the ground.  But, darn, it was chilly at 0 degrees fahrenheit in the dark of the night.

So I am just saying a little ‘thank-you’ to the people out there that saw it necessary to invent the indoor toilet.  I’m also sending out a blessing to the people that can’t leave the roughin’ it experience behind and go home to their own indoor, warm throne.

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