Baileys and Electricity


A storm came through.  It was nestled in between Christmas and New Years.  The winds whistled and whipped through the landscape at racetrack speed.  Trees toppled and power failed.  

Thousands of people suffered the outage in Ontario.  Driving through the powerless countryside, we noticed countless poles with orange flags.  Not only were the power lines down, they were actually non-existant. Miles and miles of poles were flagged.  The power lines just stopped and weren’t connected any more. Helicopters were flying low along the lines to determine where all of the wind damage had occurred.

We were thrilled to have the Hydro One crew in our driveway.  After four days without power, there were tears of joy in my eyes to see these men working late into the cold night.

My husband decided they needed coffee and it would be nice for us to brew them up a pot.  I was surprised to see him plug the coffee maker into the generator.  I didn’t know that was an option!  As he was brewing away, I told him he should add some Bailey’s to the coffee.

“These men are on the job and working with electricity.  You do not give them Baileys.”  He chastised me.

I countered about the cold night.  Next thing I know, I see him pouring a nip of Baileys into the coffee mugs and putting them on a tray.

He came in from the cold with a smile.  The crew was delighted to have a warm drink and the shot of liqueur.  The lights came on.  

Apparently you do give people working with electricity spiked coffees!


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