Big City Sliders–Infomercials Through the Eyes of a Child


I was doing some kind of Saturday afternoon thing.  It could have been laundry or unloading the dishwasher, I can’t remember, I just know that Birk pulled me reluctantly away from my duties and dragged me to the t.v.  That girl is pretty strong for 7, so I let myself be dragged.

There on the screen, she had paused TIVO and rewound it to the beginning of a commercial.  I was expecting a Barbie or pink, putty that gets stuck in your carpet type of product.  Nope.  It was for Big City Sliders.  Please be careful and turn your volume down on your computer if you click this link, it is loud!

A few nights before, my husband George was talking about how infomercials are doing really well right now, because they can buy the ad space really cheap. If infomercials are popping up everywhere in prime time, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that an infomercial showed up on Nickelodeon during little kid’s programming.  Why would they spend advertising dollars during Max and Ruby for a kitchen gadget?

Birk clearly illustrated the functionality of this advertising scheme.  I have never seen a girl (or woman for that matter) get so excited about a kitchen pan.  Her eyes were wide and she was jumping up and down, barely able to contain her excitement.  Each little demo of the product elicited a “See mom?”  She even offered to buy it with her own money.

Advertising is a very powerful and scary thing.  Don’t forget it!  I won’t, I just ordered a Big City Slider.


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