Bad Movie : Good Kid

Today I dragged my 13 yr old son to see “Bride Wars”. We were both in the mood to see a movie but the times were a bit off for the ones we really wanted so we had to choose between a silly chic flick and a stupid adolescent one. Now over the years I have been to countless kid films, some good and some unbearable but today I just didn’t have what promised to be a mediocre slapstick comedy in me.

So, after shopping for clothes for him (which is not exactly his idea of a good time but a necessity as all of his pants are creeping up around the ankles) we didn’t have much of a selection. I’m not sure what hit him, a sudden burst of generosity or a teen senile moment, but he gave in to my whim and ended up the only male in the theatre who wasn’t  paid to be there.

I wish I could say that”Bride Wars”was a good film and worthy of his time but he probably felt as I would have had we in fact gone to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”. He didn’t complain other than to offer his opinion of the film which I happened to agree with (I ultimately blame direction but admittedly the story was lacking in depth). All I know is that while the film will be quickly forgotten, the agreeability of my teenage son will not and I can’t help but think I must be doing something right. At least with this child.


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