Why Mommy Doesn’t Sew

My daughter begins her first sewing class this Saturday. The instructions were simple: show up with an easy pajama pattern, fabric and notions. 

Ruth and I headed to our local fabric store and spent a good hour and a half picking out a pattern and cute fabric. We asked many newbie questions, as the last time I sewed from a pattern was over twenty years ago.

Of course, after almost an hour of looking at fabrics, she chose one that both wasn’t on sale and turned out to be some fancy poly special care blend. By that point I was on the tracks driving the train into the station and ready to get off the ride. 

As the salesclerk cheerfully added up her treasures, the total blinked at me. I blinked at the total. $64.49. $64.49???

Now, let’s just say me sewing pajamas is like my husband wiring our house. Neither one of us is qualified and can come way out ahead just starting out with that knowledge. I can easily buy pajamas at Target for $14.99. If I waited for a sale, I could wrangle a much better bargain. It’s safe to even say I could outfit my daughter in pajamas for two years or more on $65.

However, Ruth is happy. She skipped out of the store with a big smile. I suppose learning to sew is VISA priceless, but learning to sew all of our old clothes into new ones during this recession could really come in handy.


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