And Finally… Facebook

So, I gave in. I fianlly signed up for Facebook.

I was an active non-participant for a long time. I knew all about it. I thought I knew enough about it not to get involved. But I did want to check out old enemies. (Were they still losers?) And I did want to see if my friends were happy and doing well (if they were, then what were they doing on Facebook…) I wanted to be part of the action. And I rationalized that joining Facebook was imperative as I have a son who is on the verge of sharing his entire life digitally with just about anyone who will listen.

I was WRONG! I did not know enough about Facebook. It overwhelms me! I NEVER should have joined!!!

And I sure didn’t realize how many past lives I didn’t want to remember.

 Well, forty eight hours in and I am massively overwhelmed with texts from my “suddenly FaceBook friends” who want to friend me, poke me, text me, or otherwise torture me with emails and reminders of part of me that I can barely remember. (and frankly, some of it I’m better off not remembering!). I had hoped to improve with age. I have actively participated in keeping with the times. I try to dress my age with style and sophistication. I wear 4 inch heels and relish in it.

And yet there I am. Is it the real me? The very first picture that I see of me on Facebook.

No — it’s not a picture that I, myself, uploaded. It’s a picture that a friend (with whom I have not conversed since before my third child was born) had uploaded from my high school graduation! And I don’t have a choice about it. I’m back!!!! With all the HAIR!!!! And a plastic black belt around my waist to prove my that my saying that I had bad fashion in the 80’s wasn’t just me being humble….

I can not escape myself.

Can I un-friend myself?

(And NO – I will absolutely NOT provide any links!)


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