Monthly Archives: February 2009

Babysitting, Date Night and the Art of Romance

I eagerly anticipated my son’s 12th birthday. Of course, I was sad to see my little boy grow up, but I was excited that he could become our resident babysitter. John is very responsible and trustworthy, and almost never locks his sisters in the bathroom. You see, we had paid for 12 years of babysitting. […]

Life’s A Beach, And Then Your Fridge Dies

We returned home late Friday night from a glorious family vacation in Mexico. The trek home was not without it’s minor irritations and it was oh so good to be home sleeping in my own comfy bed. Sunday morning I awoke rested, glad that we had the foresight to factor in an extra recovery day […]

Auto Parent

A post written last summer while the older 2 kids were away at camp: Day four of sleep away camp.  K3 and I have been bonding over our divergent interests:  she, the dvd player; me the computer.  Hours go by where she plays quietly in her room.  Hours go by that she is using both […]

Bubble Bath Meets Jacuzzi Tub

Margarita Friday?

It’s Friday, and I’ve got green tea. Hoping for a cocktail later!

Travel Compatibility

The first holiday debate ended amicably years ago. We chose a civilized approach to the holidays and trade off celebrating with each side of the family each year. It is very predictable and works very well for all concerned. The other classic debate we have is over travel: do you fly the red eye or […]

Uncle George, We Will All Miss You

When I first met my husband’s Uncle George, I knew I liked him right away. He arrived for a long weekend at the cottage with raspberry pies. These weren’t just any raspberry pies, these were the most delicious pies that I had ever tasted. I was surrounded by healthy food and healthy eaters and a […]

Halloween Is Finally Over At Our House!

This probably only makes sense if you saw the picture shown below from December. Now that Halloween is finally, officially over at our house. Makes me a little sad and a little happy at the same time. I sure got my money’s worth out of that balloon, wouldn’t you say?    December 2008