Monthly Archives: March 2009

Driving in the Dark

I remember a long time ago, when I was driving somewhere with my kids. 2 year old John said, “Mommy, we are driving in the dark.” It never dawned on me, how much we didn’t drive around with the kids after sunset. Bedtime was as early as we could set it and there was rarely […]

A Happy Spin on Life

Going to the gym is truly a luxury of time. It eats a hole in your day bigger than a donut and I’ve resisted the pressure to commit to exercise in my lifestyle. I’m a curvier girl. I am not built for speed. Even my hair is very Roseanne Roseannadanna–it probably adds a good 5-8 […]

Most Cats Catch Mice…

                    The first time I saw our male kitten crouching low and still, I admit I felt a small rush of pride. Although I dread the capture of small creatures and attempt rescue whenever possible, I honored this rite of passage. Our kitten was growing up! […]

Frustration in 15 Easy Steps

#1 Agree to host the school’s Thank You Luncheon at your house. #2 Decide, since all these people are coming to your house, you might as well replace that grungy, stained, extra gross carpet on the stairs that you’ve been talking about replacing for two years. #3 You ponder putting in hardwood on the stairs. […]

Car Hop Mom-ent

Those of you that know me, know that I was an A&W car hop for 13 years of my life. Yes, I did hang trays with frosty, ice cold mugs of root beer on car windows. No, I did not wear roller skates–I was born during a more litigious era. Today I experienced a moment […]

All The World’s A Stage: Middle School Production of a Rocking, Rolling King Lear

John came home from middle school play try outs and didn’t say much. I didn’t want to press the issue, in case he didn’t get the part he wanted. It wasn’t until hours later, when we were driving in the car (a lot happens when we are driving in the car) that he let it […]

Barbie Dream House with a Front Porch

My friend was talking yesterday about her Barbie Dream House. She lives in it right now. I do not live in my Barbie Dream House. I don’t think I ever will. For one, it really is not that important to me. For two, I am happy to have a roofed area to call my own. […]

Stress Much?

How I Battle Stress:  Margarita Friday  Breathe  Hike  Tivo  Wine  Girlfriends  Spin Class  Latte  Shopping  Massage  Tequila (Not necessarily in that order)

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

                    At my house, the cutting of crusts is commonplace for the 7 and under crowd. For the eating of sunnyside up’s, however, it’s crusts only. How do you like your eggs?

Winter Whites

                    This is one of the reasons I love where I live. At home, in February, my white magnolia blooms. One four hour drive later I am in the mountains where all things are white as well. Compare and contrast. Isn’t it incredible?