Didn’t Your Mamma Teach You Any Manners?

Birk drew this picture on the airplane during a 70 minute ground delay. She patiently sat with her mommy and daddy, while the man in front of us was the perfect example of bad manners.


He complained endlessly, even when the flight attendants and the captain explained that we were grounded due to bad weather at our destination. He insisted on a free bloody mary, even though the attendant explained that she could only serve water.


This man rang the call button again and again asking about when we might take off and rang the call button again, ready to accept the offer of water.


The flight attendant cheerfully poured his water and the man yelled after her, as she continued down the aisle, that his water was not cold. At that point it was clear that it was all that she could do just to smile and ignore him.


It was all I could do not to stand up and ask him, “Why didn’t your momma teach you better?”

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