I Doggone Did It












No longer is the question “To Dog or Not to Dog”. She is here, it’s a done deal, we are officially “with puppy”. The question I now ask myself as I lay my head to pillow is “What On Earth Was I Thinking Oh Dear God Am I Insane What Have I Done?!?!”

How did this happen? One day I was chatting up personable dogs tied outside of my various coffee haunts, admiring their charms and then off again with a wave to go about my day in whichever way I pleased. Now I’ve bound myself to this tiny creature whose peeing and pooping schedule must be considered before all else.

Can’t say I wasn’t warned. I mentioned I was seriously considering this move and people said “Don’t do it!” Now that it is done if I mention to someone that I have recently become the proud parent of a puppy the response is generally an “Oh no” with a sad shake of the head. Not the encouragement I’m going for. I do in fact need encouragement here. Although they are lessening, I have been experiencing what I believe to be panic attacks late at night while the family (and puppy) quietly sleep.

“What on earth possessed me?” I wonder. There was an Email with a video clip of this puppy who was already crate and potty trained. She looked like a tiny Bernese Mountain dog (which is a breed I adore) yet promising to remain the puppy size of said breed. Then there was the voice way back in my head reminding me that I did not want my kids confiding to their future therapists about how they were cruelly deprived of true canine friendship. There was my overly energetic, dog loving, youngest child who needs a positive focus. Finally, for the first time EVER my husband was, if not exactly enthusiastic, somehow unapposed to the idea. There were no more excuses.

It was almost as if I were under some kind of  spell. And I said yes. Yes! Yes, I will gladly take that tiny pup into my home with my two cats, two children and one husband and willingly rearrange my days and nights in order to accommodate her needs. There is no going back now so it’s time to suck it up and deal. Fortunately, like babies and small children, she is pretty darn cute for a time sucking, life altering nuisance. Hopefully, one day, the cats will agree and peace (or what passes for it in my house) will reign again. And I will be able to breathe evenly through the night.


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