Good News, Bad News

Here’s the bad news: I was in my garage this weekend, finally trying to put order in my abyss of chaos. The bins were willy nilly, and I needed to get the Christmas gear with the Christmas gear, the Halloween stuff with the Halloween stuff….well, you get the idea.

I decided that all of the luggage needed to be in one spot. Duffel bags that could be stuffed inside another duffel were stuffed. Suitcases that could be stored within one another were zipped and ordered like nesting dolls. I hefted our biggest family suitcase and could barely lift it.

What? I put in on the ground and unzipped it. My jaw dropped to the concrete. There, still neatly organized in my suitcase were clothes, bathing suits, belts, shoes, sunscreen, hat, etc.–I NEVER UNPACKED FROM MY FEBRUARY TRIP TO MEXICO! What? What?

So, the bad news is that my mental I.Q. is rapidly declining.

What’s the good news, you ask? There in the middle of all of that unpacked vacation stuff was FUJI!!!!!!

Yes, tattered, lonely Fuji was among the cargo. My daughter’s blanket is now back in her arms as she sleeps tonight.


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