Piercing and the Modern Tween

Our family debate of late: piercings. Ruth, 10 going on 11, is ready to get her ears pierced. The dinner table discussions have sparked Birk’s interest, as well.

Daddy, who never wants his little girls to grow up, holds fast to his rule: you must be 40 years old to get your ear’s pierced (Come on, even I know that is just plain crazy).

The girls are smart. They argued the tattoo angle: Daddy, you have a tattoo, why can’t we just get our ears pierced?

They argued the DIY angle. Birk said: Daddy, I heard you can do it yourself at home with an ice cube, a safety pin and beer. The beer you pour on so there’s no infestation.

They argued their friends already have pierced ears angle. Daddy said: If your friends jump off a bridge, would you do it, too?

My girls finally settled and went to Claire’s to buy clip-on earrings. They had a new angle: freak daddy out. Brother John decided to join in on the fun.

The three children arrived home, making a grand and noisy entrance. There they were, full of smiles, pretending to be pierced with multiple sets of clip ons.

Daddy couldn’t take them all out of the will, could he?

(photo from ear-piercing.com)


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