Our $1.2 Million Dollar Ski House

Birk had such a fantastic time skiing in Tahoe with her daddy, that she wants to quit regular school, and go to ski school full time. She realizes that this requires a house in Tahoe.

She first asked daddy to buy her a ski house. He said, “Get good grades in school, get a really good job and you can buy a ski house.”

Later, our savvy seven year old called us to the computer, very excited. Unbeknownst to us, she had googled Squaw Ski House. She chose a very excellent and beautiful ski chalet for the nifty price of $1,200,000.00.

Birk was quiet for a long time after dinner. She asked me how to scan a picture that she had drawn. A few minutes later, she handed me a stack of papers advertising dogwalking…for $18.00. She put on her shoes and was ready to go post her flyers around the neighborhood.

Then she asked me, almost jumping up and down with merriment, how many dogs she would have to walk at $18.00 to afford her dream home.

You’ve got to love kids.  John informed her that it would take approximately 66, 667 dogs.  You’ve really got to love kids.


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