Who are They?



Bangshell grew up in New York and has never quite given up hope that she’ll get back there one day (with or without the rest of the family). Now considered a displaced person, is constantly trying to fumble her way through the personalities, neighborhoods and private jets of her type A mom friends and their very excellent wardrobes. Loves her kids, her husband, her cat, and her nanny very much.



Blondeshell loves being a mom to her two kids. After ten years of full time mommying however, she is hungry for greater intellectual and creative challenges as well ( having nothing to do with baseball vs. ballet schedules or what to have for dinner. ) Perfect day involves ocean views and big laughs. 



Mermaid:  I’m a fish out of water when it comes to living, breathing and raising kids in Swank County.  I hang with the Mombshells, but really I am just the Mer-MAID.   I grew up in the MidWest,  far away from everything swank and sea.  I have a great husband, three fantastic kids (known here as K1, K2 and K3), a sweet dog, and two feisty cats.   I eat sugar AND bread AND drive a mini van. 





















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