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I Doggone Did It

                    No longer is the question “To Dog or Not to Dog”. She is here, it’s a done deal, we are officially “with puppy”. The question I now ask myself as I lay my head to pillow is “What On Earth Was I Thinking Oh Dear […]

Most Cats Catch Mice…

                    The first time I saw our male kitten crouching low and still, I admit I felt a small rush of pride. Although I dread the capture of small creatures and attempt rescue whenever possible, I honored this rite of passage. Our kitten was growing up! […]

Stress Much?

How I Battle Stress:  Margarita Friday  Breathe  Hike  Tivo  Wine  Girlfriends  Spin Class  Latte  Shopping  Massage  Tequila (Not necessarily in that order)

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

                    At my house, the cutting of crusts is commonplace for the 7 and under crowd. For the eating of sunnyside up’s, however, it’s crusts only. How do you like your eggs?

Winter Whites

                    This is one of the reasons I love where I live. At home, in February, my white magnolia blooms. One four hour drive later I am in the mountains where all things are white as well. Compare and contrast. Isn’t it incredible?

Bubble Bath Meets Jacuzzi Tub

Bad Movie : Good Kid

Today I dragged my 13 yr old son to see “Bride Wars”. We were both in the mood to see a movie but the times were a bit off for the ones we really wanted so we had to choose between a silly chic flick and a stupid adolescent one. Now over the years I […]

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

We’re at nine days and counting. The play is thankfully over ( my daughter rocked her itty bitty parts ), had tea with Teddy and Binky the Elf, got the tree ( it’s 1/2 way lit ), been back to the surf shop twice ( still not quite finished there ), sent the husband off […]

My 12 Days of Christmas

Where to begin?! I want so desperately to bake holiday cookies ( lots of really Christmassy ones with cool shapes and colorful sprinkles ). I want to sit in front of the tree with my kids and play games while drinking hot chocolate ( mine suffused with a little brandy or peppermint schnapps). I want […]

Oh My Obama !

I am still in a state of near disbelief. It really happened. Not only the lefty liberals like myself but a resounding majority of Americans decided it was time to make a change. This means that upper middle class white people as well as, dare I say it, Republicans, must have joined in to vote […]