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And Finally… Facebook

So, I gave in. I fianlly signed up for Facebook. I was an active non-participant for a long time. I knew all about it. I thought I knew enough about it not to get involved. But I did want to check out old enemies. (Were they still losers?) And I did want to see if […]

15 Minutes in Barney’s Shoes Department

Doesn’t take long to wreak havoc in Barney’s when there are tons of adorable booties on sale!

My Sister’s Heater

My relationship with my sister, in one story: My cell phone rang as I was getting ready to drive into the city for a quick Christmas errand. I needed to buy my first daughter a holiday dress. I knew it would make her happy if she got a special something, and I wanted to take […]


Peter and the Wolf

My third child and I were invited to attend the YouthConcert in San Francisco at the BIG FORMAL Davies Symphony Hall with a new Kindergarten mom friend and her daughter. I was so excited to go. I wanted to spend some wonderful holiday quality time with the little one. We rarely get to do anything […]

I am slowly recovering from the familial visitation rights called Thanksgiving.  My father, stepmother, brother, sister and nephews came to partake in the annual feast with my husband and kids. We had a really great time. But I don’t think I can do it again so soon. I just got a call from my sister-in-law […]

Yell Back: Imperfect Purses

Oh absolutely keep the bag. Summer is coming and we all need a little white something – even if it’s got a little black something on it. That just means it’s yours! You can spot it in a crowd. If someone tries to take it, you can say, “It’s mine. I know because it’s got […]

Alarming Posts

All these posts about alarms reminds me that in two weeks, we’ll be living in an alternate universe. The husbands will be off to work (if they still have jobs with this recession) and we’ll be lolling in bed while trying to plan in our heads how we’re going to get through the day without […]

Party Planning Part 2

Me – hey Him – hey Me – jsut blogged Him – ok i am coming up Him – yo udid?! Him – love it Me – you’re going to hate it Him – wait   Him – HEY Him – I AM KEEPING THE LIST Him – I AM DOING THE MUSIC Me – keeper […]

Party Planning

Dear husband says, “Hey, let’s have a bash! A good old Party! Lots of people!” Then he downed another bourbon. I said, “Oh.” I took a look at the email invite list. Downed another bourbon. Now I’m planning a party.  Husband is at work. I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, […]

Yellback: Cows have horns

Okay, Mermaid. I understand the childhood yearn for all dreams and images to actually be true. But really – I like the bulls have horns and cows (female) have those little nubby things that don’t even pass for horns on their heads. Now that was MY childhood image. Let’s google images for an actual image […]