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Scissor Techniques

They’ve all done it at one time or another… Yes, third kid decided to apply her newly honed scissor techniques on something other than the cat’s tail. The refrain from a great song by The Who in Quadrophenia keeps ringing through my brain: Why should I care if I have to cut my hair. I […]

Air Pillow In Soul

On a recent travel expedition, Mermaid and I were browsing the SouthWest Airlines air shopping catalogue. We thought that the most important, desperately needed item was this: Mermaid and I were having quite a chuckle over the inflatable air pillow. I mean, how (insert word here – desperate, foolish, sleep-deprived, drunk, hungover, depressed) do you […]

Yellback to Tote Bag Post

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I am now carrying around baskets for my high end shopping and regular totes for my grocery shopping. Now I can distinguish between which bags I need to bring into the house, and which baskets I need to leave in the car or hide in the garage (until I […]

Yell Back to Tupperware

That’s not a bat! It’s Robin looking for his batcave! Mermaid, are you keeping something from us?

YapBack to Mermaid: The Organizational Disaster

There are so many different ways to ease the way for the organized-disabled. First, find closer places to go to save yourself and the kids when they need that white t-shirt – or anthing else for that matter. The Gap for instance, is five minutes away and opens at about the same time that you would finally […]

Big Birthday Ballyhoo

I t just doesn’t seem fair. Major dude has to go to Germany for work and would be away from the family right smack on the day that we would celebrate number one son’s birthday. so I suggested he take said son with him on the trip. a great father/son birthday trip. Great bonding time. […]

Scary Logo Recognition

Can’t believe I got 17/20 on this. What does that say about my consumer habits??? Can you spot the fakes?: Corporate Logo Quiz The subconscious is a scary thing.

Response to the Jeans Riff

Well, I say forget the spandex “suck you in till it hurts” new technology! It kinda reminds me of the whalebone “suck you in till it hurts” old technology. Who reinvented the square wheel? And who in God’s name is buying into the pain? Now, I would go for the “hide the muffin top in […]

O/C Cleaning

After seeing one too many old cheerios and other odd hardened pieces of food in the silverware drawer, I decided that I’d celebrate the first day of spring by vacuumming out my kitchen drawers. When I reached the final fourth drawer down, the reason for my obsessive compulsive cleaning became clear. Yes, that’s a chicken […]

Comment to Eating Standing up

No no, no sleeping standing up! Don’t even think about it. You must do something for yourself every once in a while and I say that sleeping lying down is one of those options. Plus, the life partner will wonder why you’re standing next to the bed all night instead of lying in it. And […]