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Scary Funny Things Kid’s Say: A 7 Year Old’s View of Abortion

My first grader, Birk, was in her booster. I was driving the good old mini van and we were heading home from school . “Mommy, do you know about abortions?” Whoosh, almost hit a tree. I had to focus my eyes back on my little baby cupcake and try to figure out where all of […]

Peter and the Wolf

My third child and I were invited to attend the YouthConcert in San Francisco at the BIG FORMAL Davies Symphony Hall with a new Kindergarten mom friend and her daughter. I was so excited to go. I wanted to spend some wonderful holiday quality time with the little one. We rarely get to do anything […]

Funny Things Kids Say: Vampires, Halloween Stores and the Birds and the Bees

We visited our local Halloween speciality store.  These are the stores that spring up like zombies rising from the grave every October.  They are always in a different location and always chock full of Halloween items you simply must have. 6 year old K3 and I toured the store, stopping at every single display that […]

From the Mouths of Babes Issue 3: Stars

Ever wonder how little 6 year old brains put the universe in order?  This just in from K3, self-proclaimed Queen of the Chinchillas: The moon and the sun take a sponge and put it down in Earth’s water lake.  It takes up the whole lake and they squeeeze it down on the Earth and they […]

The Push Pull: YAP BACK TO Slow This Thing Down

In a hurry this morning, I booted my kindergartner (K3) out of the car and told her sister (K2) to walk her down to her classroom.   Usually, I walk K3 into class and get her settled.  She sweetly hugs me and kisses me and kisses me some more and holds onto any appendage that […]

From the Mouths of Babes: Issue 2

Mermaid:  Why is there a roll of aluminum foil in your room? K2:  K3 was trying to make the cat a space suit.

For the Record: Why I’m Ostraconophobic Part 1

I’ve lived a long and fairly happy life as an Ostraconophobic.  Until 30 seconds ago, I didn’t even know that there was an official name for my “condition”–got to love google.  Not only is there an official name, but there are official websites, summits and programs to help people just like me.  I am not […]

Ostraconophobic: Visual

This is how I think:   =  Which looks yummier to you?

Blondeshell, Is It Time To Tell Our Scissor Slasher ? (Yell Back to Scissor Techniques)

What happens when 2 five year old best friends decide to plant their hair in the garden?   Remember, it’s Mermaid talking here.  If my kid shaved her head with hedge trimmers, I’d laugh about it and be glad that her head was still attached to her neck.  Blondeshell, on the other hand, well….you’d have […]