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Oh My Obama !

I am still in a state of near disbelief. It really happened. Not only the lefty liberals like myself but a resounding majority of Americans decided it was time to make a change. This means that upper middle class white people as well as, dare I say it, Republicans, must have joined in to vote […]

It’s About Time

It’s about time all right. There is simply not enough of it. While, clearly, some people have way too much of it I myself could use an extra helping. Maybe I should use the hours between midnight and morning which I typically fritter away in an often futile attempt to rest up for what remains […]

Home Alone

The family has left the building. Gone camping. I am blissfully home alone for roughly the next 36 hours. Except for the cat. Here is how the first evening unfolds: I go to the market to buy a variety of foods that appeal only to me. Next, I stop by Blockbuster and rent three movies […]

More from the Mouths of Babes

My youngest announced that she might be interested in the position of President of the United States someday. ( Personally, I have always believed she has the Right Stuff ). She wondered what the job entailed. I gave her the basic rundown: keeping the peace at home, balancing the budget, maintaining successful relationships with world […]

Why The Auto Flush?

I really don’t get automatically flushing toilets. What exactly is their purpose in life? Do the potty powers that be not trust the general public to flush after themselves? I’m not disagreeing, just trying to figure this out. Is it meant to be more efficient at saving water or reducing waste somehow? My personal experience […]

Blondeshell’s Summer …Week Five

Summer vacation…week five already! Here’s how it’s going so far…  Week one:  Stayed home with the kids for the first couple of days coming down from the end of the year activities. Way too much T.V. but lots of bonding time with the new kitten. Spent a lot of time trying to determine it’s sex […]


I danced with Mick Jagger the other night. FU-UN! That dude can GYRATE… and I wasn’t looking too shabby my own self. Mick actually came up afterwards and complimented me on my fine moves. Oh All Right. So maybe it wasn’t THE Mick but it was the Unauthorized Mick and most likely the closest I […]

Slow This Thing Down

My kids are growing up! Didn’t see that one coming. OK, intellectually I realize this is the nature of things but still… People have always gone on about how it all goes so fast and one day they’re gone, blah blah. When you are changing your 9th diaper at noon, your child seems less than […]

Seriously, Late Again?!

  I feel remarkably refreshed today. I slept for 8 hours! On the down side, we overslept and the kids were late to school. AGAIN. I suppose I could blame it on my husband. He ordinarily resets the alarm when he leaves early. (Couldn’t be my fault for staying up late to catch up on […]

Yell Back to Blondeshell’s Volunteer Warning

Just read a really funny post over at Not Afraid to Use It.  Her post about volunteering made me think about Blondeshell’s post Warning.  We never learn, do we?  At least I don’t.   Maybe instead of SHOP BLOCKING me my friends could just walk around school and hold my arm down or slap me […]