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Happy Halloween to the Embellishers

I wanted to wish an especially Happy Halloween to the Embellishers out there.  Who says that cars, vans and trucks can’t dress up on Halloween, too? The first class Embellishers are people that: Close that cut off arm in the back of their car in the spirit of Halloween. Tape a flower to their antenna. […]

Halloween Nacho Recipe: Not for the Faint of Heart

Here it is folks, the recipe for Halloween Nachos.  Straight from the 6 year old test kitchen–tested ’til perfect without parental supervision.  Caution: this might be what you get when you ask your 6 year old to make nachos for you.   K3’s Halloween Nachos Boo Chips $12.00 hunk of cheese from high-end grocery store […]

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Comes Early for Dogs When Your Owner is 6

Unattended 6 Year Old: Tape Plus Bright Pink Paper Equals Craft?

Downstairs I’m cooking dinner.  Upstairs, K3 is single-handedly taking out a whole forest of trees and a roll of tape.  Crafting or making a huge mess?  You decide.

Wordless Wednesday: The Designer of Crowns

Craft time at our house is always fun and interesting.  I still like queen of the chinchillas, though!

Wordless Wednesday: Kid Craft Time At Our House? No One Is Safe

Alternate Title: Funny Thing Kid’s Make

When our pet questing daughter announced that she was Queen of the Chinchillas, she crafted her very own crown.  You never know what kids can do with tin foil (think a space suit for our cat), scotch tape, a hair tie and a Ranger Rick magazine. We are the kid-run craft house.  Imagination runs wild […]