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Why Mommy Doesn’t Sew

My daughter begins her first sewing class this Saturday. The instructions were simple: show up with an easy pajama pattern, fabric and notions.  Ruth and I headed to our local fabric store and spent a good hour and a half picking out a pattern and cute fabric. We asked many newbie questions, as the last […]

Mini Van Hypocrisy

There are many people out there that will never own  a mini van. These people would never even be caught dead in a mini van. This is based upon many matters of personal pride and principles.         However, there are cheaters out there who will, on occasion, rent a mini van. They praise its ease of […]

My Kind of Holiday: Maybe it’s time to take down the Halloween decor come hell or high ladder?

ALMOST WORDLESS WEDNESDAY? We are officially in the fast lane to Christmas, yet, in my home, if you look up at the ceiling in my bathroom, you will see a giant, orange, mylar pumpkin balloon.  It refuses to give up the ghost, as they say.

The ‘Santa’ Claws Are Out! Target, Recession and Holiday Cheer

I dropped the kids off, got a fully caffeinated non-fat latte, and hit the red Target bullseye before 9 am.   It wasn’t pretty folks.  You could feel the holiday angst.  Traditionally, the crab factor increases exponentially with each day the Advent Calendar chocolates disappear.  There were no smiling, carol-humming shoppers to be found. The […]

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake: Mom Around the Clock

I tried to add baking a birthday cake for Birk’s 7th birthday to my nightly routine of extra curricular activities, dinner, homework and bed.  How hard could it be to whip out a cake?  I’ve baked cakes before, right? Of course, Birk wanted a cake like sister Ruth got on her 10th birthday.  We celebrated […]

Midlife Crisis at the Mall

I am having my midlife crisis at the mall.  In two days I have bought: 6 pairs of boots 2 pairs of shoes 3 skirts 2 sweaters 4 shirts  1 pair of tights 1 kick butt awesome expensive bra 1 belt If this is not the recipe for shoppers anon, than I don’t know what […]

Wordless Wednesday: Where you’ll find my husband when he’s home…

Funny Things Kids Say: What Your Kids Might Be Saying At School

I picked up K3 after school and took her corrected work out of her cubby.  I quickly scanned her first grade papers.   There was a cute exercise that was folded like a greeting card that said, “I like the taste of…”  Then your child put in what they liked.  K3 of course put her […]

There Will Be Time to Plant the Flowers…Just A Lot Later

Every year around mother’s day, I take the kids to the store to buy a flat of annuals.  They are excited to pick out plants and we all share the wonder and excitement of spring. Once we get the plants home, the kids usually plant one plant and that’s it for them.  I spend the […]

Happy Halloween to the Embellishers

I wanted to wish an especially Happy Halloween to the Embellishers out there.  Who says that cars, vans and trucks can’t dress up on Halloween, too? The first class Embellishers are people that: Close that cut off arm in the back of their car in the spirit of Halloween. Tape a flower to their antenna. […]