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Halloween Nacho Recipe: Not for the Faint of Heart

Here it is folks, the recipe for Halloween Nachos.  Straight from the 6 year old test kitchen–tested ’til perfect without parental supervision.  Caution: this might be what you get when you ask your 6 year old to make nachos for you.   K3’s Halloween Nachos Boo Chips $12.00 hunk of cheese from high-end grocery store […]

The Grandma Plates

In my cupboard is a lovely set of earthenware dishes.  They are blue and white with scenes of different castles and little flowers and leaves circling the outer edge.  The pattern is Johnson and Brother’s Old Britain Castles. Sometimes when I’m having a cup of tea, I stare into the distant castle-scape and imagine myself […]

Canadian Chronicles: And Yet, It Doesn’t Suck

When you watch someone take their very first bite of a s’more as their face is dimly lit by flickering bonfire–it doesn’t suck.  The cooking and prepping and bedmaking and tidying and seems to fade into the distance when there are happy faces around the bustling dinner table. When the moon hangs low in the […]

Boy, Does This Suck For You

I was making beds in the guest cabin.  K2 entered the cottage, screen door banging in that fabulous only in the summer way.  : “Mommy, whatcha doin’?” “Making the beds for your Aunt and her family.  Want to help?” “O-k.  Mom, you make beds a lot here.” “Sure seems like it.” “I never see you […]

The Canadian Chronicles: Wicked, Wanton Steamy Romance Novels and the 9 Year Old

We were sipping our 5 o clock cocktails on the dock, when 9 year old K2 arrived, book in hand.   “Mom, I think this book might not be appropriate for me.” I spied the book that K3 and I had sent to K2 in her sleepaway camp care package.   A month ago, we […]

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Comes Early for Dogs When Your Owner is 6

Funny Things Kids Say: Get A Life and See You In Montana, Mom

We often have the most amusing conversations on the way to school.  Maybe the main part is that we are all half asleep and I’m navigating a 4,385 pound mini van precariously through the streets.  These are the times that the kids like to catch me off guard with the most probing questions. List of […]

Unattended 6 Year Old: Tape Plus Bright Pink Paper Equals Craft?

Downstairs I’m cooking dinner.  Upstairs, K3 is single-handedly taking out a whole forest of trees and a roll of tape.  Crafting or making a huge mess?  You decide.

Wordless Wednesday: The Designer of Crowns

Craft time at our house is always fun and interesting.  I still like queen of the chinchillas, though!

Funny Things Kids Say: Vampires, Halloween Stores and the Birds and the Bees

We visited our local Halloween speciality store.  These are the stores that spring up like zombies rising from the grave every October.  They are always in a different location and always chock full of Halloween items you simply must have. 6 year old K3 and I toured the store, stopping at every single display that […]