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Yap Back: 6 years and Harvard

 I used to be a teacher in my working years and there is no mercy in the land of education.  Ultimately, I hate to say this, but it’s always seen as the parent’s fault.  Pick up that 40 pound cat and put her in the bathtub, Hassy.  You are the grown up, you can do […]


Cancelling Cable

  My love affair with the T.V. remote should tell you just about everything you’d like to know about me. Number one: I know what Tivo is—and you know what I mean if you’ve reached Tivo enlightenment. Number two: I’m referring to the remote as a romantic partner. If I can’t find my remote, you […]

I Want To Keep My MTV

Imagine my surprise at Sunday dinner when my husband announced, that due to report card grades he would be disconnecting the cable from our home. I was horrified.    What about late, husbandless nights when I flop exhausted into my lonely bed? What about evenings when nothing is stirring in the house except the bloop of […]

Do These Friends Make My Butt Look Big?

Even at the age of 12, I was never a slim and tiny kind of girl. Once, I read that a pioneer man going west wanted to marry a woman that could “pull the plow if the mule died.” I am definitely one of those kind of girls. Heck, I could probably fix the plow […]

Marvelous Mini Van

It’s just so sexy, isn’t it? Wanted to pass along this bit of info from to my shells… To say the least, your car may reveal a lot more about your self-image than you’d care to admit. The New York Timesreported Monday that researchers commissioned by various manufacturers have found that while buyers of […]