Big City Sliders–Infomercials Through the Eyes of a Child

I was doing some kind of Saturday afternoon thing.  It could have been laundry or unloading the dishwasher, I can’t remember, I just know that Birk pulled me reluctantly away from my duties and dragged me to the t.v.  That girl is pretty strong for 7, so I let myself be dragged. There on the […]

Wordless Wednesday

As a non-smoker, all I can say is “Wow!” *P.S. I was told to add that this is a real carton of cigarettes for sale in the Duty Free shop at the Munich airport.

Creative Advertising For Crap

On our little Margaritaville retreat, we went to a store closing sale.  Nothing gets the vultures circling like a BIG sign that says 60% OFF. Clawing and pawing through things that weren’t going to sell even if they were 90% off, we had to shake heads, roll eyes and point silently towards some of the […]