I Doggone Did It

                    No longer is the question “To Dog or Not to Dog”. She is here, it’s a done deal, we are officially “with puppy”. The question I now ask myself as I lay my head to pillow is “What On Earth Was I Thinking Oh Dear […]

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Comes Early for Dogs When Your Owner is 6

The Canadian Chronicles: Summer Diary of a 12 Year Old…Dogs, Limos and Long Lines at Customs

My son said it would be o-k to share a bit of his summer journal with the world. The first entry: Today was a flying day.  First thing that morning, we got up and got our bags ready.  Luckily, Dad hadn’t booked a car beforehand and so he had to rent a LIMO! (yay!)  So […]

Wordless Wednesday: Kid Craft Time At Our House? No One Is Safe

Blondeshell, I’ve Found It!

Blondeshell, I’ve found it, the perfect dog for you.  It even looks like that King Henry type of dog that you have your eye on.   Or there is always this: It might feel more realistic to take the plastic wrap off, or, leave it on, they stay cleaner that way.  Start small and work […]