For the Record: Why I’m Ostraconophobic Part 1

I’ve lived a long and fairly happy life as an Ostraconophobic.  Until 30 seconds ago, I didn’t even know that there was an official name for my “condition”–got to love google.  Not only is there an official name, but there are official websites, summits and programs to help people just like me.  I am not […]


A Tale of Two Families

I’d better give a little personal background info here:  My husband’s family is a MARATHON family.  They have to exercise or they go crazy.  On Christmas day they strategize how to make non-fat gravy and then it’s off to the gym for their workout.   My family is the EATING family.  On Christmas day we […]

Hybrid Mom

It’s strange to go to an EcoMom gathering or to read an article about healthy eating and realize, hey, I already do ALL of these things.  On the other hand, I’m still a girl from the midwest and occasionally find myself making a recipe with Miracle Whip or Campbell’s Soup–not Cool Whip, though, because I […]