Our $1.2 Million Dollar Ski House

Birk had such a fantastic time skiing in Tahoe with her daddy, that she wants to quit regular school, and go to ski school full time. She realizes that this requires a house in Tahoe. She first asked daddy to buy her a ski house. He said, “Get good grades in school, get a really […]

A Nice, Cool Frosty One At Pippi’s

My youngest, Birk, kept asking me to go out to dinner at Pippi’s. Dumbfounded, I asked around about a new restaurant named, “Pippi’s.” No one seemed to have heard of this fabulous, new restaurant, but they all wanted me to let them know where it was when I found it. Months later, driving down the […]

Funny Things Kids Say: What Your Kids Might Be Saying At School

I picked up K3 after school and took her corrected work out of her cubby.  I quickly scanned her first grade papers.   There was a cute exercise that was folded like a greeting card that said, “I like the taste of…”  Then your child put in what they liked.  K3 of course put her […]

Boy, Does This Suck For You

I was making beds in the guest cabin.  K2 entered the cottage, screen door banging in that fabulous only in the summer way.  : “Mommy, whatcha doin’?” “Making the beds for your Aunt and her family.  Want to help?” “O-k.  Mom, you make beds a lot here.” “Sure seems like it.” “I never see you […]

Funny Things Kids Say: Get A Life and See You In Montana, Mom

We often have the most amusing conversations on the way to school.  Maybe the main part is that we are all half asleep and I’m navigating a 4,385 pound mini van precariously through the streets.  These are the times that the kids like to catch me off guard with the most probing questions. List of […]

Funny Things Kids Say: Vampires, Halloween Stores and the Birds and the Bees

We visited our local Halloween speciality store.  These are the stores that spring up like zombies rising from the grave every October.  They are always in a different location and always chock full of Halloween items you simply must have. 6 year old K3 and I toured the store, stopping at every single display that […]

Alternate Title: Funny Thing Kid’s Make

When our pet questing daughter announced that she was Queen of the Chinchillas, she crafted her very own crown.  You never know what kids can do with tin foil (think a space suit for our cat), scotch tape, a hair tie and a Ranger Rick magazine. We are the kid-run craft house.  Imagination runs wild […]

From the Mouths of Babes Issue 3: Stars

Ever wonder how little 6 year old brains put the universe in order?  This just in from K3, self-proclaimed Queen of the Chinchillas: The moon and the sun take a sponge and put it down in Earth’s water lake.  It takes up the whole lake and they squeeeze it down on the Earth and they […]

From the Mouths of Babes:

“I like Thursday, mommy, it’s like the sister of Friday.” K2, Thursday morning on our way to school.