Mini Van Hypocrisy

There are many people out there that will never own  a mini van. These people would never even be caught dead in a mini van. This is based upon many matters of personal pride and principles.         However, there are cheaters out there who will, on occasion, rent a mini van. They praise its ease of […]


3rd Child Hair

I was looking at the kindergarten class one morning during my volunteer session and noticed all of the girl’s at my work station had braids, pony tails or nicely brushed locks. No kidding, these young ladies had immaculate hair–washed clean, brushed ’til shining, parted, sectioned and styled. My own hair felt shamed by it’s curly, […]

Marvelous Mini Van

It’s just so sexy, isn’t it? Wanted to pass along this bit of info from to my shells… To say the least, your car may reveal a lot more about your self-image than you’d care to admit. The New York Timesreported Monday that researchers commissioned by various manufacturers have found that while buyers of […]