What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate…

Snippets of last night’s conversation Is your homework all done? Yes, I did it at school. Are you sure that there is nothing to work on? Yep. Did you put all of your things for the dance recital in your bag? Yes, mom. Are you sure that you have everything that you need? Yes, mom. […]


The Canadian Chronicles: Wicked, Wanton Steamy Romance Novels and the 9 Year Old

We were sipping our 5 o clock cocktails on the dock, when 9 year old K2 arrived, book in hand.   “Mom, I think this book might not be appropriate for me.” I spied the book that K3 and I had sent to K2 in her sleepaway camp care package.   A month ago, we […]

Funny Things Kids Say: Get A Life and See You In Montana, Mom

We often have the most amusing conversations on the way to school.  Maybe the main part is that we are all half asleep and I’m navigating a 4,385 pound mini van precariously through the streets.  These are the times that the kids like to catch me off guard with the most probing questions. List of […]

Funny Things Kids Say: Vampires, Halloween Stores and the Birds and the Bees

We visited our local Halloween speciality store.  These are the stores that spring up like zombies rising from the grave every October.  They are always in a different location and always chock full of Halloween items you simply must have. 6 year old K3 and I toured the store, stopping at every single display that […]

Pregnant Duck? Not Quite.

There is no place like the Humane Society on a Saturday morning during kitten season.  Kids are crying, parents are yelling at each other and at their kids, people are jockeying for position on the pets in cages, and there is a very long wait if you are interested in adopting a new family member. […]

Untethered In My Mini Empty Nest

This week my two older kids went to sleepaways with their school classes.  The way it worked out, they swapped equally in the middle of the week.  This left me with an entire week of two children.  Not always the same two children, mind you, but two children instead of three just the same.   […]

Desperate Mombshell Housewife Takes Kids To See Frida Kahlo’s Gory Modern Art

I am doing a lot of desperate things this summer.  First, it was taking my 6 year old daughter to Mamma Mia.  Now, I am shuffling my kids off to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA.  My delicious, food blogging, buddy humored me by saying she’d join me. As I went through […]

Desperate Mombshell Housewives Go To Mamma Mia Movie, With Kids!

All right, I’ve long said my kids are going to have a lot of ammunition to pummel me on a Jerry Springer episode.  I think if St. Peter is at the Pearly Gates when I get there, his first question would be about why I took a six year old to Iron Man. (I didn’t […]

Mom’s Letter To Her Summer Camp Kid

K1 Son at sleep away camp, Day 9.  No letter home…yet: Dear K1 Son, Are you o-k? Are you having fun? Did a mountain lion carry you off?  Were you eaten by bears? I do think you actually did get on the right bus, because I saw you in a picture from camp that your […]

Night Camp

About 5 p.m. last night I birthed the brain child of Night Camp.  Spending quality summer time with your angels seems like a good idea in early summer or even earlier in the day, but by 5 p.m., aren’t you and your kids ready for Night Camp? Tired from the long day?  Exhausted from running […]