God, I Mean I ONLY had Four Glasses of Wine!

The morning after can always be a  little scary.  I now know why Sunday mornings were reserved for Church going and begging forgiveness.  It’s perfectly natural that Saturday nights would be followed by a good, sobering dose of religion. Just last weekend I was sitting around a round table of reformers.  We had all been […]

Party Planning Part 2

Me – hey Him – hey Me – jsut blogged Him – ok i am coming up Him – yo udid?! Him – love it Me – you’re going to hate it Him – wait   Him – HEY Him – I AM KEEPING THE LIST Him – I AM DOING THE MUSIC Me – keeper […]

Party Planning

Dear husband says, “Hey, let’s have a bash! A good old Party! Lots of people!” Then he downed another bourbon. I said, “Oh.” I took a look at the email invite list. Downed another bourbon. Now I’m planning a party.  Husband is at work. I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, […]