Pregnant Duck? Not Quite.

There is no place like the Humane Society on a Saturday morning during kitten season.  Kids are crying, parents are yelling at each other and at their kids, people are jockeying for position on the pets in cages, and there is a very long wait if you are interested in adopting a new family member. […]

Wordless Wednesday: Kid Craft Time At Our House? No One Is Safe

Blondeshell, I’ve Found It!

Blondeshell, I’ve found it, the perfect dog for you.  It even looks like that King Henry type of dog that you have your eye on.   Or there is always this: It might feel more realistic to take the plastic wrap off, or, leave it on, they stay cleaner that way.  Start small and work […]

Mommy, I Want A Pregnant Duck

By some stroke of genius, our school auctioned off a hamster at the annual school auction.  The furry, little creature was brought to school and put on display in the hallway.  At every minute of the day, even when the kids were supposed to be in class, there was at least one, tiny, hopeful face […]