Babysitting, Date Night and the Art of Romance

I eagerly anticipated my son’s 12th birthday. Of course, I was sad to see my little boy grow up, but I was excited that he could become our resident babysitter. John is very responsible and trustworthy, and almost never locks his sisters in the bathroom. You see, we had paid for 12 years of babysitting. […]

Mombshells, 4 Girls, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Target Audience Bullseye

The girls were on a one way path to see the new Disney movie, Beverly HIlls Chihuahua this weekend. Selfishly, I was rolling my eyes and trying to figure out how to make this a better Saturday experience for myself.  We gathered some friends and headed into the crowds. The movie was saccharin sweet and […]

Old Country Language Can’t Kill The Romance: Travels in Germany

After traveling for a short, fantastic week with my husband, I have had enough fleisch.  Yes, everywhere we went in Germany, fleisch was the center of attention on the dinner plate.  Usually it was bright pink pork (a portion big enough to feed my family of 5) surrounded by minimal colorless potatoes, dumplings, sauerkraut and […]