You Can Take A Mombshell To Blogher, But You Can’t Make Her Stop Shopping

Well, just back from the fabulous Blogher 08.  Met tons of interesting bloghers and learned so much that my head is spinning.  It was a sea of writing women that buzzed with energy and excitement–but the conference was in San Francisco’s Union Square, and in Union Square, there is shopping.  Lots of shopping. During the […]

No More Teachers, No More Books, No More Peaceful Grocery Shopping

I don’t usually take my little sidekicks to the grocery store.  The normal routine is to eject them from the car at the school drop off, beeline it early to Trader Joe’s(before the crazy people get out of bed and get there) and then stroll blissfully up and down the aisles with no particular agenda […]

A Little Thing I’d Like To Call The Grandma Sweater

Another memorable event on our Margaritaville retreat was a little SHOPPING INTERVENTION.  This occurs when your friends SHOP BLOCK you from making an inappropriate selection.   This particular BLOCK involved a frumpy sweater.  I was particularly smitten with the coziness of this knitted creation, but in the humble opinion of my Shellfriends, it didn’t outweigh […]

Creative Advertising For Crap

On our little Margaritaville retreat, we went to a store closing sale.  Nothing gets the vultures circling like a BIG sign that says 60% OFF. Clawing and pawing through things that weren’t going to sell even if they were 90% off, we had to shake heads, roll eyes and point silently towards some of the […]

Target, Here I Come

Just got an e-mail this morning: Hello everyone– XXXXXXXXXX Day this Friday: Please dress your kindergartner in a Plain White Tee (long or short-sleeve), and Dark Pants. As I was processing this nugget of info, bing, I got more mail… This message popped up from the 4th grade teachers: This Friday in XXXXXXXX Day, please […]

THE Jeans

Returned THE jeans today. Got upsold on $400.00 worth of other stuff. P.S. I picked out some new ones and they DON’T look like this… I’m just going to wear hippie skirts the remainder of my days. Love & Peace, Mermaid

When the Husband’s Away…

When the Husband’s Away   When the husband’s away I do crazy things—like go out and do the kind of shopping that makes owning a mini van respectable. I am not one to buy things and hide them from my husband. There is no sneaking Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bags up the stairs and pushing them […]