Why Mommy Doesn’t Sew

My daughter begins her first sewing class this Saturday. The instructions were simple: show up with an easy pajama pattern, fabric and notions.  Ruth and I headed to our local fabric store and spent a good hour and a half picking out a pattern and cute fabric. We asked many newbie questions, as the last […]

The ‘Santa’ Claws Are Out! Target, Recession and Holiday Cheer

I dropped the kids off, got a fully caffeinated non-fat latte, and hit the red Target bullseye before 9 am.   It wasn’t pretty folks.  You could feel the holiday angst.  Traditionally, the crab factor increases exponentially with each day the Advent Calendar chocolates disappear.  There were no smiling, carol-humming shoppers to be found. The […]

Target, Here I Come

Just got an e-mail this morning: Hello everyone– XXXXXXXXXX Day this Friday: Please dress your kindergartner in a Plain White Tee (long or short-sleeve), and Dark Pants. As I was processing this nugget of info, bing, I got more mail… This message popped up from the 4th grade teachers: This Friday in XXXXXXXX Day, please […]

Hey, I Know, Let’s Give ‘Em A Tote Bag

All right, I realize that I just applauded Walmart for going green, but now Macy’s is giving bags away, too. Shopping at Mollie Stone’s last week, they were having a two for one deal on their reusable bags.  Even at charity events and community celebrations, tote bags are all the rage as parting gifts.   […]

In My Defense, I’m Not An Organizer, But Kind Of A Planner

Forgot to mention that I am a planner, even if I’m not an organizer.  I don’t always stick to the plan, but that is seldom because I’m not organized.  I am an expert at crisis management and I turn garbage into art (thank you Montessori Teacher Training Program).  Mostly I fly by the seat of […]

When the Husband’s Away…

When the Husband’s Away   When the husband’s away I do crazy things—like go out and do the kind of shopping that makes owning a mini van respectable. I am not one to buy things and hide them from my husband. There is no sneaking Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bags up the stairs and pushing them […]